Arch believes that its long-term success depends upon achieving excellence in mine safety and environmental stewardship; conducting business in the most ethical and transparent manner; investing in its people and the communities in which it operates; and demonstrating the highest principles of corporate governance.

Arch is a demonstrated leader in mine safety, with an average lost-time incident rate during the past five years that is nearly three times better than the industry average. In the most recent awards season, Arch subsidiaries won the top safety awards in each of the four states in which they operate.

In the environmental arena, Arch subsidiaries have achieved a near-perfect compliance record since 2017, with just one notice of violation issued by state mining regulators in each of the past three years versus an average of 36 notices of violation annually by its 10 largest U.S. competitors. In the area of water management, Arch subsidiaries took more than 322,000 water quality measurements in 2019 and recorded just five minor and temporary exceedances — equating to a compliance record of 99.998 percent.