Efficient mass transit transportation benefiting from steel applications.

Arch is a premier producer of premium metallurgical products for an increasingly high-speed, increasingly vertical world.

Metallurgical Coal Steelmaking Application

With our slate of premium metallurgical products, we are an essential link in the world’s steel value chain.

Metallurgical Coal Steelmaking Application

Arch’s metallurgical products will play a pivotal role in the recovery and revitalization of the global economy.

Metallurgical Coal Steelmaking Application

Arch’s metallurgical products are critical inputs in the construction of a strong and sustainable new economy.

2023 Sustainability Reporting

Our latest sustainability reporting is available online for digital viewing and download.

About Arch Resources

Miners securing resources inside an underground mine.


Arch’s highly skilled team operates large, modern, low-cost mines that consistently demonstrate operational excellence across a wide range of metrics.

Hands holding clean nuggets of coal


Arch’s premium metallurgical products are indispensable to the primary manufacture of steel — a key building block in our rapidly modernizing world.

Photo of a lake with lush trees and foliage along the bank represents how Arch prioritizes the health of our natural environment.


Arch operates in a way that prioritizes the safety of our people, the well-being of our communities, and the health of our natural environment.

Our Approach:

Building the Global Economy, Carefully and Responsibly.

Arch embraces the highest principles of responsible conduct, and values the role we are playing in building a better world and a stronger future for all people.

Careers with Arch Resources


Arch recognizes that its highly talented, 3,600-person-strong workforce is the key to executing on its key objectives and achieving long-term success.

Job Postings

Arch’s subsidiaries employ a diverse and high-performing team of equipment operators, engineers and accountants, along with specialists in dozens of other fields.


Our success depends on our skilled employees, who have made Arch an industry leader in safety, environmental stewardship and operational excellence.